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Anti Rain Cover for Belt Conveyor with stainless steel

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Conveyor Rain Cover is mainly applied for protecting conveyor belt from rain, dust and wind, reducing losses during transportation process and ensure much more safe and reliable operation and having a great effect upon environmental protection.


Classification of Rain Cover:


According to material, including color plate conveyor cover,stainless steel rain cover, zinc coated rain cover and so on.

According to different types, including fixed rain cover, openable conveyor cover and rain cover with inspection window.


Features of our rain cover

1.Common rain cover is suitable for belt width of 500mm-2000mm, and the special one can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements;

2.The material of rain cover includes color plate, zinc-coated plate and stainless plate, and the thickness of color plate is 0.45mm-0.8mm.

3.The effective width of our rain cover is more than that of similar products.